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The incredible @docawkward killing it! Photo by @thesarahbiz

The incredible @docawkward killing it! Photo by @thesarahbiz

Corn Mo rocking the house #latergram #rockon

Corn Mo rocking the house #latergram #rockon

MC Frontalot killing it! #latergram #nerdcore #rap

MC Frontalot killing it! #latergram #nerdcore #rap


This is the second song I’ve revealed in full from my new album, The Snuggle is REAL.  It was partially inspired by the time I lost a bunch of likes on facebook by poking fun at a videogame character.

The song also features my friends MC Frontalot & More or Les (mcfrontalot & moreorles on tumblr).  I am very excited about this fact, because they are both very good rappers and it’s the first time we’ve done a song in this particular configuration.  We all have very…  unique rap voices, and I think the contrast between our styles works really nicely on this.  

Anyways, it’s Saturday, which is traditionally the absolute worst time of the week to try to promote ANYTHING [though reblogging/sharing on facebook is ALWAYS appreciated and is a huge help].  That said I’m basically going to drop this in your lap and maybe talk about it more after the weekend when everyone is safely back at work and using the internet.  

The whole album drops on Tuesday, and you can preorder it at


New track by khillmatic from his upcoming record The Snuggle Is Real. 

Tribe One as a brand new EP out! Give it a listen and then go buy it! 

{Jon} Song of the Day: #musicislife #BFS #poppunk #lunchdrunklove

"Everything will be brighter when I get there
And when I cross that line I’m going to stay there
I’m getting closer every hour every day
Closer to my dreams”

mcfrontalot's latest music video is for “Gold Locks” from his sixth studio album Question Bedtime. Check it out!

If you like musical paint strokes, then you may like a group called set and setting, a post-rock band from Florida that’s all about the moods and impressions. This week we take their latest impression, ironically titled A Vivid Memory, and put it up for review. But don’t forget to stick around for the big question… How does one get famous?! This age-old question has plagued many an aspiring artist, especially those seeking validation for their work. Once we drop the walls of humility, the path is as uncertain as it ever was; still, hear us address the various paths that other artists have taken, while debating their success rates.

Next week’s review: This Is My Hand by My Brightest Diamond

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